Child Poverty

I have not yet established contact with my international cohorts, so I read the UNICEF article regarding child poverty. The UNICEF article speaks about monetary and non-monetary deprivations that have an effect on the well-being of a child (UNICEF, 2012). They began conducting research and the results can be found on the website.
The country that I chose to was the country of Cambodia. For Cambodia, poorer households include a higher number of children, and more than 50% of children live in the bottom 33% of households (Analysis of child deprivation and inequality in Cambodia, 2013). The article also states that, little more than half have access to clean water and more than half defecate in the open (Analysis of child deprivation and inequality in Cambodia, 2013). For children under the age of 5 malnutrition is high, and because they lack the adequate amount of nutrition, 40% of the children are stunted (Analysis of child deprivation and inequality in Cambodia, 2013). Although the chi…

Sharing Web Sources

The National Black Child Development Institute

The organization that I selected was the National Black Child Development Institute or NBCDI. The link is as followed and the focus of this organization is to improve and advance the quality of life for Black children and their families through education and advocacy (NBCDI, 2017).
The trend that caught my attention is the National Black Child Development week. This caught my attention because it is the week that the Black child can be recognized and made to feel respected. Not only is the child being recognized but so is the family as well because the week is focused upon helping the families to reclaim and reframe their resilience, assets, and strengths. 
The most important aspect that I love the most about NBCDI is that they are not only open to helping Black families but all others as well. They are not a selfish organization that is only focused upon the black families,  but other minorities too. This is what real…

Expanding Horizons/Resources

The blog assignment for this week was really interesting to me because it brought me out of my comfort zone. If it were left upon to me listen to podcast, it probably would have never gotten done, but because it was an assignment I had no choice. I am glad that I listened to the podcasts because they enlightened me on the importance of education not just in America, but around the world. 

The steps that I took to found the podcast were following the Link given and began with the George Foreman podcast. I then clicked on the episodes tab and it brought me to other podcasts of educators throughout the world. Thus far I have listened to Susan Lyon, Delfena Mitchell, and Barbara Jones. All three ladies have helped education in many ways such as beginning organizations to breaking barriers. 

The website that I chose is the National Black Child Institute. My reason for choosing this website is because I am the mother of African-American children, and also a teacher for them as well. As explor…

My Supports

My Supports The support system that I have consist of my Religion, my husband, my father, my mother, family, and my pastor. These people provide support by believing in me when I fail to believe in myself. There are constantly there to encourage me when I feel all hope is lost or I just can't get together. They tell me my wrongs, even when I don't want to hear them because they know they I am more capable of accomplishing of what I put out. The benefits of these supports is just having people around you with the same goals and values, and I began to fall, they are there with encouraging words to pick me up again. It would be hard to exist without the support of God, my husband, and my mother. These are the three that keep me going the most, and that I look forward to each and everyday of my life. If I lost these three, I would have a life in shambles because I would have lost all morals and values. Not following God's word causes us to lose moral and values and that would i…

My connections to play

Of all the quotes that were inspiring of play, I found these two to be the most inspirational to me of how I viewed play growing up and now as an adult. 

Essential play items for me growing up involved Dolls, Dolls, and more Dolls. I can remember cutting up old socks to create clothes for them. We also played school together, and I treated them as if they were my own real life children. As I watch my daughter play with her dolls, I see the cycle continuing, all the things I did she is doing them now. Here are a few items that I played with in my childhood:

As any other child, play helped me to re-enact things that I experienced in childhood or either witnessed in childhood. Growing up, my mom had no problems watching me play, in fact she encouraged it. She would buy the dolls for me to play with, and any old socks that she did not use,she would offer them to me for the clothes. As I watch my daughter and son pretend play, I noticed that it has evolved a lot. Children now-a-days watch o…

Relationship Reflection

There are many relationships that I have encountered in my life and they all have been for the betterment of myself. As the saying goes everyone comes in your life for a season, and the ones who mean the most seasons last a lifetime. Relationships are important to me because everyone needs someone in their life who they can strongly depend on and to help them develop both spiritually, mentally, socially/emotionally, physically, and financially. Relationships also help to keep you focused and grounded when you don't know what else to do, and this is why I value relationships so much.

The above people from left to right are my family and I, my cousin LaKisha, and my mom and daughter. These are just to name a few people that I have very close relationships with and I value them very much. Not pictured is my best friend Lydia and of GOD! These are just to name a few other relationships that I value very much and hold dear to my heart, as well as my church family. All the relationships…

Children's Quotes

Encouraging Quotes for Children